Where to find a matching tie?

Here's a species of orchid bee (Euglossini) from Costa Rica. 

I imagine him sitting alone on his porch sipping a martini after a long day and wondering how the heck he is going to find a tie that doesn’t clash with the rest of his outfit. 
Orchid bee, Costa Rica

The one in my photo is a male.   See the enlarged structure at the top of his hind leg? It’s there to store the volatile compounds he collects from orchids and other flowers when he visits them. His forelegs have bristles which he uses to pass the compounds back to the stash he keeps in that enlarged area.

Researchers believe these compounds are collected and stored for release during mating flights to attract females. The females apparently assess the intensity and array of compounds released by the males. This allows the female to select a mate who has a demonstrated ability to locate multiple species of orchids and other potential sources of nectar and pollen. She will mate with her choice and her offspring are more likely to inherit those skills.

Study is ongoing as researchers attempt to unravel the complex lives of these exquisite insects.
My understanding is that these bees are the exclusive pollinators for some species of orchids and pollinate many species of plants.   See more photos from La Selva here.

Macro photograph using Olympus OM-D E-M1ii. Lens: Zuiko 60mm. TT350 Godox flash with DIY diffuser.